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Flexible and Convenient Serviced Apartments

Matthew Whittaker • Tue, Jun 4

Flexible and Convenient Serviced Apartments

At City Retreat, we prioritize our clients by offering solutions that accommodate their potentially dynamic lifestyles. Understanding that unpredictability is a part of life, we allow short notice within any of our serviced apartments in Amsterdam. This will enable you to create a flexible schedule that can be adjusted following your living arrangements.

Straightforward Cancelation Process

At City Retreat, we offer a straightforward cancellation process to accommodate any last-second change in plans. All bookings made with us can be cancelled instantly and free of charge within 48 hours of the creation of the booking or any time greater than one month before your arrival date. If these requirements are unmet, a cancellation fee of one month of rent is taken.

Easy termination Process

Ending your tenancy agreement at City Retreat comes with simplicity and a lack of stress. If you decide to move out earlier than your departure date, we only require a one calendar month notice. For example, if a notice of termination is given on the 12th of April, we will set your termination date for the 31st of May. If you would like to leave your property earlier than scheduled, please let us know at the email adress ''''. Our straightforward termination policy is guaranteed and reflects the flexibility we provide at our serviced apartments.

Convenient Extentions

In addition to all the above, we also allow for convenient extensions if required. Our contract terms are specified towards flexible living and an extension can be made at anytime during your stay. However, this extension can only be approved if there is no new booking that would correlate with your extension. Some tenants prefer to book for a more extended stay to be safe while giving the one month notice on there intended departure date. For further information about Amsterdam rentals, especially for expats feel free to check our guide for expat rentals in Amsterdam.

Choosing City Retreats Serviced apartments in Amsterdam ensures a flexible stay. For more information about our contract options, please visit our FAQ page.

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