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Regulatory compliance for residential rentals in the Netherlands

Posted 05th Ocotber 2023 by Danielle Johnson

  • The purpose of this page it to establish adherence to the laws, regulations and guidelines relevant to renting out serviced accommodation in the Netherlands.
  • Some changes in the regulations surrounding the rental of residential properties in the Netherlands have been imposed or will likely will be imposed in the coming 6 months.
  • The below is a summary and an explanation on how CR will be handling them.

Questions about renting with City Retreat

  • The Netherlands will likely set a rent cap for 'mid-range' properties starting 2024 based on a point system.
  • The proposed bill is pending government approval which is expected in October 2023.
  • This will likely include all properties below 187 points and may restrict monthly rental income for those properties to around 1.100,00 euros. If you wish for your property point status to be calculated then please email:
  • Extra point relevance will be given for things such as the energy label and outdoor spaces (pending final details).
  • If/when the rule passes, CR will be dividing the monthly revenue stated in the agreements with the tenant into the following six categories: rent, furnishings, utilities, maintenance, support and service.
  • Pending final details, and in an extreme case, CR may be required to secure a separate service agreement to go along with the tenancy agreement.
  • A full list of the maintenance, support and services that CR provide to the tenant can be found here.

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