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Managing Serviced Accommodation in Amsterdam

James Evans • Tue, Aug 2, 2022

Managing Serviced Accommodation in Amsterdam

Managing Serviced Accommodation

Renting your property to business travellers and companies has many benefits, such as higher revenue, more flexible leases, and increased control of your property's maintenance. However, this does come with extra work around managing the process, and client expectations tend to be higher. City Retreat finds candidate options for owners to consider and approve. We secure the offers with a month's non-refundable rent and provide our property management services below to let you sit back and be happy that everything is being handled.

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Whether you are leasing a single property or owning an extensive investment portfolio, our friendly management of your serviced apartment can provide professional peace of mind.

We understand the value of well-managed real estate. It can lead to higher rents and happier clients and help maintain a return on investment for years to come. Our property management staff will be on hand to offer individual support to deliver the best possible property asset management for you and your tenants.

We charge 20% per month + VAT, deducted from the month's rent. Owners receive the rent from City Retreat regardless of whether the tenant pays.

Our most important property management services includes:

  • Assisting and advising on the final preparations of the accommodation
  • Securing a legal tenancy agreement as well as the ongoing rent and deposit collection from the client
  • Cleaning before, during, and after the client’s tenancy
  • Providing our own linen and towels (all duvets must be 200cm x 200cm)
  • Checking-in the client to the property and compiling a signed property inspection check-in report
  • Acting as a point of contact for all issues and questions
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Collaborating with the owner to arrange repairs and maintenance, carried out by our independent, vetted, and competitively-priced contractors
  • Dealing with lease extensions when approved by owners
  • Suggesting property improvements
  • Checking-out the client and compiling a signed property inspection check-out report before deposit is returned
  • Ensuring the property is in good condition and clean