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How to Register in Amsterdam - Essential Guide for Serviced Apartments

Matthew Whittaker • Thu, Jun 6

How to Register in Amsterdam - Essential Guide for Serviced Apartments

Amsterdam Expat Essentials: Your step-by-step guide to registration

Starting a new chapter as an expat in Amsterdam is full of excitement and anticipation. With the anticipation of a new culture and lifestyle, there are practical issues to consider, one of which is registration. Whether you are relocating within the EU or elsewhere, understanding the registration process is crucial for a smooth transition to your new life in the Dutch capital. In this article, we will discuss various strategies for the process of booking in Amsterdam and how City Retreat can shorten the process and speed up the registration at all of our serviced apartments.

Understanding the registration requirement

Expats who are relocating to Amsterdam for longer than four months must register within the city. Also known as the "Basic Registration Person (BRP)," this registration ensures your legal presence in the Netherlands and provides access to essential services such as healthcare and banking. Understanding this standard is the first step in a successful transfer strategy.

Gathering important documents.

Before you start your registration, make sure you have the following documents in order:

-Valid ID: Bring your passport or national ID card.

-Proof of residency: This can be a rental contract or a confirmation from your company confirming your residency.

-Birth certificate and any other certificates that are used for identification

Early access to these documents will expedite registration and reduce delays.

Getting your BSN number

First time in the Netherlands

If it is your first time in the Netherlands the appointment must be made in person with all the important documents specified above. Please make sure to make an appointment beforehand as the average time of appointment date until allocation is around 2-3 weeks. To create an appointment you can press on this link. If you are living for less than 4 months registration is not required, however can also be done with this link if you would like to enjoy the benefits of having a BSN number.

You have lived in the Netherlands before

If you have lived in the Netherlands before and have already been registered, your BSN number will still stand. However, registration still has to be done for the new property you will be moving into. For this registration, you can either make an appointment with your local Gemente. Alternatively, this process can also be done online with this link.

Step-by-step guide for registering!

1.) If you are registering for the first time in Amsterdam, click this link and ensure the information you entered is synchronous with the image below. However, if you are a student fill out that option instead.

Gemente, registration, serviced apartments, temporary accomdations

2.) The next step is to identify how many people you are registering. This includes your partner and even children, so make sure to fill out the correct number. Luckily you can all have the same appointment slot.

Gemente, registration, serviced apartments, temporary accomdations

3.) The next step is to pick a Gemente location. There are a few options to pick from, feel free to use the map below to check which one is closest to you. Alternatively, check all options if you would like a quicker appointment, as they have different availability spots.

Gemente, registration, serviced apartments, temporary accomdations

4.) The final step is to fill in your details including telephone number, name and email address. After completing this the appointment has been confirmed.

Gemente, registration, serviced apartments, temporary accomdations

Simplifying Registration with City Retreat

Just going through the registration process can be difficult, especially for foreigners who have no experience with Dutch professional services. City Retreat specializes in simplifying the move-in process by booking all of our properties quickly, reducing administrative delays, and smoothly moving into your new home. Additionally, we offer to handle the registration process on your behalf, saving you time and hassle. If you would like us to assist with registration, please email us at